Version 39.5.19 contains: Database 39.5.19, Server 39.5.32, Client 39.5.31

released on: 05/09/2023

  • Below you will find a list of release notes for PLANTA link functions. For release notes for user and and customizing functions, please refer to the PLANTA project/portfolio and PLANTA customizer help areas.
  • The functions and bugfixes listed here are mainly contained in the database software component. Functions which stem from the server or client component are explicitly indicated in the column on the right-hand side.
  • Under Releases and Downloads in the Technology/Installation help area, you are provided with a comprehensive overview of the PLANTA project releases. You will find links there to the corresponding release notes as well as information on how to install and update the software depending on which release you use.

Press CTRL+B in the program or select the ? → System Information menu item to learn which component versions you use.



DescriptionFrom Server/Client
26489The API tokens generated for pulse or Jira interfaces via the respective buttons are immediately visible in a dialog message after creation. For further information on this, see the descriptions of the PLANTA pulse and PLANTA Hybrid Parameters module or Jira Parameters.
26505If an interface is assigned to an API token in the Manage Tokens module and the assignment is saved, this interface is no longer displayed in the selection listbox to avoid multiple assignments.
26251New converters, validators, and enricher which are required for the new LDAP import interface have been implemented. For description, see Interface Library.
26506HEAD requests now have an OLE

Bug Fixes


DescriptionFrom Server/Client

The cause of the error message which was displayed when attempting to generate an API token for an unsaved interface has been eliminated.


 The synchronized users are now immediately visible after synchronization in the User Synchronization (Jira) module.


The cause of the error message which occurred when data containing the Euro-sign was exported via ClientCSVModule has been eliminated.


The problem that the mapping elements deleted in PLANTA link still existed in another system after deployment has been resolved.

S 39.5.32

The e-mail address check in the UserToResourceViaEmail transformer is now case-insensitive.


In the following cases, no warning is displayed anymore when importing via PLANTA link to an MtsModule or modules which are based on it.

  • "Alpha large" column type: if small letters are converted into capital letters (manager -> MANAGER)
  • "Number with decimal place" column type: if the numbers are numerically equal (e.g. 5 = 5.00)