• PLANTA pulse is a web program for flexible and collaborative task management based on the Kanban method.
  • PLANTA pulse can be used both as stand-alone software as well as in combination with PLANTA project as PLANTA Hybrid.


  • PLANTA pulse provides three elements, which can be used to individualize planning and represent processes:
    • Cards, boards and projects


  • Cards are information carriers and the core elements of planning in PLANTA pulse.
  • For example, cards can be used to record tasks (work steps).
    • There are various possible applications which can be adjusted to the requirements of each situation.
  • Cards are created and managed within Boards.
  • In the Dashboard panel, users can view all cards to which they are assigned on the various boards.


  • Boards are container elements used to collect and manage tasks as Cards in PLANTA pulse.
    • On boards, cards can be arranged in lists (vertically) and/or swimlanes (horizontally).
    • Thanks to the flexible possibilites, lists and swimlanes can be used to illustrate the most various workflows to keep track of cards.
  • Boards are created and managed within projects.
  • In the Boards panel, users can view all boards of which they are a member and all public boards.


  • Projects are larger units, within which Boards can be organized.
    • Within projects, boards can be sorted into board groups in order to maintain an overview.
    • The member management within projects also offers the possibility to change the permissions of users in a project and to add the members of a project to all newly created boards within the project.
  • Projects can be viewed and managed in the Projects panel.