Version 39.5.19 contains: Database 39.5.19, Server 39.5.32, Client 39.5.31

released on: 05/09/2023

  • Below, release notes on PLANTA project user functions are listed. For release notes on the customizing and interface functions, please refer to the PLANTA customizer and PLANTA link help areas.
  • The functions and bugfixes listed here are mainly contained in the database software component. Functions which stem from the server or client component are explicitly indicated in the column on the right-hand side.
  • In the Technology, Installation, and Update help area you can get a comprehensive overview of the PLANTA project releases with links to the corresponding pages as well as information on software installation and update referring to the release you use.
  • Known and fixed issues can be found here.

Press CTRL+B in the program or select the ? → System Information menu item to learn which component versions you use.


KeyDescriptionFrom Server/Client



The PLANTA desktop client now also allows the use of a Markdown editor for continuous text data fields. The continuous text data fields that are to contain an editor must be set to the DF behaviour mi/mo in Customizing. See more customizing information in the PLANTA customizer help area and use information in the Introduction / Program Operation help area.

C 39.5.31


In the System Information module, the actually used client version, hash, date, and time of publication are now displayed in the Client version field.

Time Recording
26301The print preview format of the Time Recording module has been changed from landscape to portrait.


Significant performance improvements when opening very large schedules



When creating new planning objects or portfolios, the name field in which the name of the planning object can be entered is now focused after you open the core data modules of the respective objects (project, proposal, idea, program, portfolio) since this is usually the first step in the creation of a new planning object.





In several module variants of the Schedule module, columns have been optimized.S 39.5.30

The preset default period for the display of the data in the My Activities module has been extended.

17302The message which was displayed when attempting to delete records which contain posting records has been extended and a link to the corresponding description in the Online Help was added.
26333The Further... module now only supports the configuration and loading of submodules which are actually contained in the main module.
PM Administration
26251An option has been implemented to import persons from an active directory to PLANTA via LDAP technology and to preset some parameters with default values. For further information, please see here

Layout and handling of the Threshold Values module have been improved. 


Load Startup Modules has been renamed Change Startup Modules.


In the Resource Structure and Resource Data Sheet modules a traffic light has been implemented on the Resource structure code field which turns to yellow as soon as the resource structure code does not represent the position of the resource in the structure.


If the resource structure code of a resource is changed, a message is displayed which indicates that the access to the resource is to be checked and adjusted in the Users module.


In the Users module the structure code of the respective resources is now displayed per user. It serves to adjust the structure code which is used when setting the access rights of the users on resources since both values must correlate. A traffic light is implemented on the new field which turns yellow in case there is a difference between the entered values. For further information on setting access rights, see Rights Management.

Hybrid pulse/Jira

In the Schedule module, it is now signalized by specifying 0/0 on the respective tasks that they have already been synchronized even if there are no cards for this task in the corresponding pulse boards yet.

Bug Fixes

KeyDescriptionFrom Server/Client

The error message regarding automatic numbers is no longer displayed during login.


The client no longer crashes when data field information is opened (CRTL + F1) without focusing the data field. A message is displayed which informs the user that no data field has been focused.


The search for projects with Go to function (CTRL + G) is no longer case sensitive.

Time Recording

26372 The problem that it was possible to delete the released status reports in the Completed module variant has been resolved.     

The newly recorded or changed remaining effort values below the scale in the Schedule module are now refreshed directly after the schedule has been saved or calculated.     

26358The newly created status reports now receive status "created" again instead of "in process".
26353Released status reports now no longer have status "Last released" but "Released final report".
26278The problem that the name of a created but not yet released status report could not be changed since the name field was at "Output" has been resolved.
26209The cause of the error message which was displayed when clicking on the Generate resource requests button multiple times while switching to other modules of the panel and back has been eliminated.
26272The problem which caused that a project could not be deleted (due to a Python error message) although the portfolio in which it was used had been deleted has been resolved.
26276The cause of the error message which was displayed when clicking on the Risk Trend Analysis and Opportunity Trend Analysis link in the Info Board module has been eliminated.

The problem with the rounding of remaining effort values below the scale has been resolved. The differences between the rounded remaining effort below the scale and the total remaining effort value (in window 2) may still occur under particular planning constellations since here the cause is the distribution of the values per grid below the scale. See also the "Legend resource" in the Schedule module.


The incorrect Deletion not allowed in this data area error message which occurred when attempting to delete resource assignments with remaining or actual data has been corrected.


The cause of the error message which was displayed when attempting to post costs or revenues for a newly inserted but unsaved cost/revenue resource via the context menu in the Schedule module has been eliminated.


The problem that PPT export from PLANTA project modules did not work in certain constellations has been fixed.

26217If no other yearly tranches are available for selection in the Budget module, now the correct message is displayed: No data available for the assignment.
PM Administration
26502For security reasons, no empty user password is generated automatically anymore when a new user is created in PLANTA project. Instead, no password is generated at all. The administrator must immediately generate a temporary password in order for the user to be able to log on. PLANTA expressly recommends to use one of the proposed security concepts here.
26187When you create a new resource in the Resource Data Sheet module it is no longer saved automatically as soon as you have selected the rsource type.

When you attempt to enter a system variable which does not contain a date in the No status report since field in the Check Status Report Creation and Project Applications module, input is denied since this field only accepts date values or variables which contain a date.

Hybrid pulse/Jira
26533The cause of the error message which was displayed when attempting to click on the Number of pending/all cards link on a task of the subproject in the schedule of a main project has been eliminated.
26213If the epic assignee is changed via the edit button, it is now also correctly synchronized back to PLANATA project. A new resource assignment is created on the corresponding task.