The known issues listed below refer to the "application" of PLANTA project. Further known issues can be found in the following documentation areas:

Known Issues


There may be rounding differences in the sum of the Remaining effort of a resource shown below the scale compared to the Remaining effort value of the resource in question (window 2). Reason: The Remaining effort value is a sum of all loads and represents the rounded total value while the values below the scale represent the rounded subtotal of the loads per scale grid, e.g. per month. See also the legend in the Schedule module.

Currently, effects, e.g. on bars, are not supported in PDF export.

Due to an MS-Excel problem, there may be format changes, e.g. on currency fields in the Excel file, if the exported file has been saved before.

In modules with charts, black stains occur when scrolling and zooming in areas containing such charts. This is an existing Windows problem. For further information, please see here.

If you assign a process model to a project which has no process steps in the first phase, the following error message will be displayed at the bottom of the Process Status module: Local Variable akt_pos referenced before assignment. If the process steps are missing in the remaining phases of the process model as well, the message will not be displayed.
When you change the functional ID of a main project, the order of subprojects that are at the same structural level may sometimes be mixed up in the Subprojects module.
At the moment, it is not possible to report hours worked on request process steps.

Known Issues with Solution

PPT Export Does Not Work (05/25/23)


  • There is a new function: planta_test.set_send_customizing_names(True/False)
  • The standard value (for ensuring the functionality of the webclient) is True, the Powerpoint_Export (api/ppms/customizing/venus/ppms/module_subclasses/ -> PowerpointExportCaller) must be run with set_send_customizing_names(False).

Incorrect error messages are displayed when attempting to delete resource assignments (02/08/23)

If you try to delete a resource assignment with remaining or actual effort in the Schedule module, the Deletion not allowed in this data area message will be displayed. 

Incorrect remaining effort values below the scale (02/07/23)

In the Schedule module, the remaining effort values are displayed incorrectly under the scale.

  • Reason:
    • Formats of the respective DIs 
  • Solution:
    • In the customizer Change the column type of DI066454 and DI066456 in DT204 from "Number w/o DP, up to 9 digits" to "Number with DP".

This solution does not resolve the problem occurring under particular planning constellations that in the display under the scale there is a rounding difference between all remaining effort values and the remaining effort values displayed per scale grid. For further information, see here.

You will only see the changed Remaining effort values below the scale after refreshing the Schedule module (01/12/23)

If remaining effort values are created or changed in the Schedule module, the new values will not be visible below the scale after saving or scheduling but only after refreshing the module, e.g. via

  • Solution: Replace the file in the /py/api/ppms/customizing/venus/ppms/ server directory by the following file:

Incorrect Display after Deletion of Presence Time in PLANTA pulse

Using extended time recording for PLANTA Hybrid and recording presence time in PLANTA pulse, may result in incorrect display when presence time is deleted in PLANTA pulse.
The value in the database will be deleted, however, the display below the scale will not be updated. In the Presence module, the correct value will be displayed.

Python error message when calculating a project with resources with incomplete period records from S 39.5.24

When calculating a project with one (or more) resources with incomplete periods, a Python error message is displayed from S 39.5.24. The Python message is preceded by a text message which informs you about the abortion of the calculation and specifies the cause. After you have confirmed this message, the Python message will still be displayed but can be ignored. The cause for this message (inconsistent data), however, must be eliminated actively.

  • Reason:
    • The problem arises when a project is calculated which contains one or more resources the period records of which are incomplete in the period for which the resource(s) is/are planned or when the resource has no periods at all, although the Start period and End period fields are filled. Both cases represent data inconsistencies.
  • Solution:


In parameter constellations where Requested start and Requested end lie in the past, Active today’s line = , Fixing = 1, it may occur that the Calc. end of a task lies before the Calc. start (e.g. when the set Actual start is in the past).

  • Reason:
    • The conflict between the Fixing = 1 and Active today’s line = . In other words: The task is supposed to start today although it is frozen in the past.
  • Solution:
    • Set the Split parameter = .

Behavior of remaining load when using MAN load profiles

If you use the MAN load profile and no actual dates have been set yet, the values will be transferred to Planned load when you enter the Remaining load manually but they will not be summarized to Planned effort.

  • Workaround: copy the remaining effort to the planned effort after you have entered the remaining load and have calculated the schedule.

Effort bars are missing in the Resource Planning module

If a resource is not available on one of the days for which he/she is planned (i.e. does not have any Remaining effort ), the effort bar for the resource in the Resource Planning module will be missing for that day.

  • Customizing solution:

Updates after changes to resource structures

If a resource is put on in, or deleted from an existing resource structure, the available capacity and the utilization of a directly superordinate resource are updated automatically, while that of a higher structure level is not.

Problems in the use of user specifique and general module variant favorites

If a module variant has been defined as a favorite for all users and then one user defines an individual module variant as his favorite, the previous favorite variant will be deactivated for all users.

  • Customizing solution: The module variant that is to be selected for all users by default is not to be declared as a favorite. Instead, check whether the user has a user-specific favorite and then select the favorite or the required module variant respectively. For this purpose, include the following code in the on_initial_focus() method in the macro of the module:
standard_favorite= '2000000002' # <- Replace with the standard (not user specific) favorite MV-ID

    module_rec405 = ppms.search_record(405, [mod_obj.get_id()], ['id'])
    mv_recs500 = module_rec405.get_children(500, di_list=['user', 'favorite', 'variant_id'])
    user_has_favorite = False
    for rec in mv_recs500:
        if rec.user.get_value() == ppms.uvar_get('@1') and rec.favorite.get_value():
            user_has_favorite = True
    if not user_has_favorite:
  • The module variant ID that is to be applied as a favorite to all users must be specified as standard_favorite.

Print header is not displayed in print preview in a submodule.

In the print preview of a submodule, the print header or footer is not displayed.

  • Customizing solution: Copy the following line to the on_load() method in the macro of the submodule in which the print header or footer is not displayed.

Blurry font under Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7

The use of PLANTA under Windows versions Server 2008 and 7 results in fuzzy typeface. The reason for this is that the Roboto font used in PLANTA is not installed in these Window versions.

  • Solution: Replace the Roboto font by a common font, e.g. Arial, in the \Resources\defaultSkingSettings file in the GlobalFontName:Roboto line in the Client directory.

Fixed Issues 

For some tasks, Remaining duration is always at 1 and cannot be changed manually.(resolved with DB 39.5.18)

For some tasks, the manually allocated remaining duration is overwritten by a 1 after scheduling.

Project creation not possible after updating to DB 39.5.17 (resolved in DB 39.5.18)

After updating to DB 39.5.17, no projects can be created under MSSQL.

  • Reason:
    • Failure of the AddUUIDtoProjectStructure migration packet during update
  • Solution: Please run the following script on the database: fix_project_structure_table.sql

Error message displayed after the deletion of process model phases (resolved in DB 39.5.17)

If a process phase that is active in a project is deleted in the Process Model Templates module, a Python error message is displayed when you open this project or the project overview.

Time recording below the scale is not possible when working with multiple calendars  (resolved with DB 39.5.17)

If you use time recording variant 2 (global Time recording variant = 2 parameter) and have created multiple calendars in the Calendar module, the recording of hours worked will not be possible in the Time Recording module directly below the scale or a Python message will be displayed (MSSQL systems).

Error message which is displayed when users with portfolio role (portfolio modules) log on (resolved with DB 39.5.17)