Set/Adjust Resource Structure Code


  • The resource structure code marks the position of the resources in the resource structure / resource structure tree.
  • The resource structure code is allocated manually to the resources in accordance with their position in the structure tree. The adoption of a resource in the structure or the moving of resources within the structure is carried out in the Resource Data Sheet module.
  • The resource structure code can be set/changed both in the Resource Data Sheet and in the Resource Structure module.
  • When you set or change the resource structure code manually, you have to make sure that the resource position is mapped correctly.
    •  In PLANTA standard, the resource structure code serves to control access rights for resources so that the incorrectly set resource structure code may cause that certain users can see certain resources they are really not allowed to see or that they cannot access resources to which they should actually have access.

  • The last number of the resource structure code determines the order of the resources at the same structure level. If you want to change the order of the resources at the same structure level, the last number must be adjusted accordingly for the resources concerned. 

Delete Resources


  • Mark the required resource(s).
  • Click on the Delete button in the toolbar.
  • If the resource has no dependent data (see Notes), it will be deleted immediately.
  • Save.


  • The user who wants to delete a resource needs multi-project, multi-portfolio manager, or multi-project/multi-request manager rights.
  • If the resource to be deleted is still planned in active projects and has remaining or/and actual loads, a message will be displayed which indicates that the resource still has remaining/actual load. The resource will only be deleted after you have confirmed this message.
    • If such a situation occurs, you should check and possibly adjust the planning since the remaining and actual data of a resource will be lost when it is deleted. This may lead to a corruption of the planning data.
    • In order to delete resources with actual data, the editing user needs the right to delete actual postings in addition to the rights mentioned above. 
  • If you have selected a resource for deletion which has child resources, a message will be displayed which shows a list of all dependent resources and specifies the options to either only delete the selected resource or to delete the selected resource with all of its child resources.
    • If you choose the option for deletion of the parent resource only, the child resources are retained but they will be moved one level higher in the structure. In such a case, the Structure code of the resources in question must be checked and adjusted.