• In the Threshold Values module it is possible to change the symbols (OLEs) stored in the customizing for PLANTA project traffic lights as well as the threshold values for the traffic light colors without having customizer rights.


  • In the Threshold values area you can see which threshold values are used for which traffic light color. If required, you can change the threshold value for the respective traffic light in the Value field. 
    • The threshold values are saved in the global variables which are fixed in the code and are read-out on the respective traffic light DI or OLE via the Python value range. Users with customizer rights can therefore also change the threshold values of traffic lights in the Global Variables customizer module. 
  • In the OLEs area, you will find a list of the traffic lights used in PLANTA project and the symbols assigned to them (OLEs). The assignment of OLEs to traffic lights can be changed here by making a selection from the listbox on the Value field.
    • Users with customizer rights can also change the traffic light symbols (OLEs) in the Global Settings customizer module.