• Board Templates now allow users to create boards quickly and easily.
  • Users can now find information about new features in the system whenever PLANTA pulse has been updated.
    • For that purpose, users receive an in-app notification with information about new features after each update.
    • Furthermore, information about releases can be found in the News tab of the Help window.
  • Cards from the Recently viewed area can now be moved/linked directly onto boards.


  • The copy function for boards, lists and cards was extended.
    • When copying boards, users can decide whether they want to keep the members and cards of the board.
    • When copying boards, lists and cards, users can decide whether they want to keep card comments.
  • The In-App Notifications and activities were overhauled.
    • For better clarity, the notifications are now being grouped within a specific time frame below the corresponding card.
    • Redundant activities (e.g. when editing a card description multiple times) are now being deleted.
      • The time frame during which redundant activities are being deleted can be configured in the Administration panel.
  • The display of the storage and user limit in the Administration panel has been improved.

Bug fixes

  • List titles now do not disappear anymore when opening a card on a board with swimlane view.
  • Errors have been fixed which resulted in attachments not being uploaded even though their file types were allowed.
  • An error was fixed which occurred when downloading attachments with # in their file name.