• The Projects panel was redesigned and extended.
    • In the Projects panel, projects with public boards the user could join are now displayed as well.
    • Projects can now be added as favorites and are then always displayed at the top of the My Projects list.
    • Board favorites within a project are now always displayed at the top.
    • Users can now hide public boards of which they are not a member.
    • In PLANTA Hybrid projects, unsynchronized boards can be hidden in the Projects panel.
    • The mobile view of the Projects panel was improved.
  • Webhook configurations can now be added via the PLANTA pulse REST API.
    • These can be used to receive information about certain activities in PLANTA pulse and relay it via interfaces.


  • The PLANTA pulse REST API will be versioned from now on.
  • Board invitations are now more visible in the Projects panel.
  • The Projects panel is now the default home page of PLANTA pulse.
  • When creating a project, the creator is now automatically added as project admin.
  • Some improvements for creating boards and board templates were made.
    • New boards and board templates are now always added behind the existing boards/templates in the Projects panel.
    • When importing a board/template, the board/template is now added to the group where the import was started.
    • When copying a board/template, the copied board/template is added to the same group as the source board/template.
  • When moving boards and board templates into other projects, the board/template group can now be selected.
  • In the Administration panel, the members of a project can now be configured.
  • In the Administration panel, a description for the project key pattern can now be added.

Bug fixes

  • Time recordings below 1h are now rounded correctly on the card.