Hotfix 38.2

 Bug fixes

  • Board members are now displayed correctly in the sidebar again.
  • In the Dashboard panel, comments can be added to cards again.

Release 38.1


  • Custom fields can now also be defined on a project level.
    • They are then available on all boards of the project.
  • Custom fields can now also be used on projects and boards.
  • The design of PLANTA pulse can now be adjusted.


Bug fixes

  • A display error of numbers in text fields was fixed.
  • Several problems during time recording were fixed.


  • Version 3.0 of the REST API is now available and contains adjustments for the new custom fields.
  • The following endpoints were added:
    • GET /api/customfield-definitions/
    • POST /api/customfield-definitions/
    • GET /api/customfield-definitions/{customFieldId}
    • PUT /api/customfield-definitions/{customFieldId}
    • DELETE /api/customfield-definitions/{customFieldId}
    • GET /api/boardcontainers/{boardContainerId}/customfield-definitions
    • GET /api/boards/{boardId}/customfield-definitions
    • POST /api/custom-fields/
    • PUT /api/custom-fields/{customFieldId}
    • DELETE /api/custom-fields/{customFieldId}
  • The following endpoints were removed. Use the new universal endpoints (see above).
    • POST api/boards/{boardId}/custom-fields
    • PUT api/boards/{boardId}/custom-fields/{customFieldId}
    • DELETE api/boards/{boardId}/custom-fields/{customFieldId}
    • GET api/boards/{boardId}/custom-fields/{customFieldId}

    • GET api/boards/{boardId}/custom-fields