Updating to Release 40.3, 40.4 or 40.5 is obligatory before updating PLANTA pulse to a higher version.

Release 40.5

Various technical improvements

Release 40.4


  • In the Administration panel, the date of the last activity is displayed per board.

  • The performance of the board administration was improved.

  • The text editor was updated.

    • It is now possible to attach images to cards directly via the editor toolbar and reference them in the text.

  • When using SAML, the text on the login button can now be configured in the Meteor Settings.

Technical Improvements

  • Optimized Docker Build: Image and Meteor app bundles are now created directly within Docker.

Release 40.3


  • The interactive tours for PLANTA pulse were improved.

Technical Improvements

  • Collection-FS was replaced by Meteor-Files and existing files have been migrated.

Bug fixes

  • The calendar view now correctly applies active filters on the board.
  • An error was fixed where boards were restored accidentally when a PUT request on the project contained the parameter "isArchived: false".
  • Various errors with the visibility settings of custom fields were fixed.

Release 40.2


  • In "User Picker" custom fields, more than one user can now be selected.
  • A new introduction tour is available.

Bug fixes

  • Newly created boards are now automatically added as favorites.

Release 40.1


  • The PLANTA pulse REST API was improved.
  • The WBS code is now displayed for synchronized boards if it is sent by PLANTA project.

Bug fixes

  • Recently viewed OneDrive files can be selected again.
  • An error that prevented text selection with the mouse has been fixed.
  • An error when sending card reminders has been fixed.
  • The user settings can now be opened in the mobile view.

Release 40


  • Custom fields can now also be defined on a global level in the Administration panel.
  • The new "user picker" field type is now available for custom fields.


  • In the Projects panel, boards can now be sorted by title or creation date within board groups.
  • Various technical improvements were implemented.

Bug fixes

  • Various errors in the mobile view when using Samsung Internet Browser or Firefox were fixed.

REST API Improvements

  • The WSB code can now be set or received via the board interface.
  • Endpoints for global custom fields were added.
  • The onlyGlobal parameter was added to the GET /api/customfield-definitions/ endpoint to only list global custom fields.
  • The new GET /api/cards/{cardId} endpoint can be used to retrieve cards without the need to specify the board or list ID.