Before updating to PLANTA pulse 41, PLANTA pulse needs to be updated to version 40.3, 40.4 or 40.5.

Release 41.8


  • The security of PLANTA pulse was improved.

Release 41.7


  • The in-app notifications have been enhanced to provide information about news and events.

  • The Calendar View on boards was improved.

    • Labels are now displayed.

    • Card colors are now displayed.

    • Cards can now be moved in the Calendar View to edit their dates.

    • The display of several entries on the same day was improved.

Release 41.6


  • The members of a board can now also be configured in the Administration panel.


  • The new endpoint GET /api/boards/{boardId}/members/{userName}/stats can be used to get statistics on a specific board member.

Release 41.5


  • The year is now displayed with recorded hours worked.

Bug fixes

  • An error was fixed where cards were not closed after being archived.

Technical improvements

  • Recorded hours worked are now mapped to the user via the user ID.
    • In earlier versions, they were mapped via the user e-mail which could lead to problems when e-mails changed.
    • Recorded hours are being migrated accordingly.
    • If inconsistent data already exists within the system, it needs to be corrected manually.
    • Global admins will receive a notification. More information

Release 41.4


  • When hours worked are recorded on a card with link, these are recorded on that card and not, as earlier, on the source card.
  • The Administration panel now displays when the system was last updated.
  • Files which were not uploaded correctly are now displayed in the Administration panel.

Bug fixes

  • An error was fixed where cards were not sorted correctly into a list.
  • An error was fixed where emojis were displayed within URLs.

Release 41.3


  • When a card is opened via a URL, the card is scrolled into focus on the board.

Bug fixes

  • When creating boards out of templates, the owner is now set correctly.
  • When a card is opened via a URL, it is now displayed correctly in the Recently viewed area.

Release 41.2

Bug fixes

  • An error was fixed where boards remained empty after restoration from the archive.

Release 41.1


Release 41


  • The Meteor Framework was updated to 2.13.
  • The Node Server was updated to 14.21.
  • The security of PLANTA pulse was improved.

Bug fixes

  • An error was fixed where boards were imported into the wrong project.
  • An error was fixed where comments were sent twice to PLANTA project when updating time recording data.
  • Further bug fixes and improvements.